IB Dance

IB Dance is suitable for students having completed GCSE Dance to a high standard and with significant technical training in one or more styles of dance.  The course is composed of three strands:

  • Composition and Analysis:

This component focuses on the making of dances and on identifying and analysing the processes through which students’ dances are arranged.  Dances should be contrasting in compositional style in order to show variety.  Students then analyse and examine their work through analytical statements demonstrating their subject knowledge, making sufficient connections with work of professional dance practitioners.

Standard level – Two dances totalling 6-10 minutes 40%

Higher Level – Three dances totalling 8-15 minutes 35%

  • World Dance Studies:

This component requires students to develop their understanding of the diversity of dance practices throughout the world.  They will investigate dance cultures and /or traditions both familiar and unfamiliar to themselves. Comparisons will then be made in a written investigation, citing appropriate sources and presented coherently.

Standard level – A written report of no more than 1500 words 20%

Higher Level – A written report of no more than 2500 words 25%

  • Performance: 

This component is based on the practice and presentation of dance.  The primary intention is to engage the student in dance artistry and studio practice.  Students may specialise in any genre of dance but must experience more than one style drawn from more than one culture or tradition.  Technical skills such as control, coordination, spatial awareness or dynamic range, along with performance skills such as use of focus, phrasing and relationships are all assessed through the presentation of these dances, with supporting programme notes for each.

Standard level – One or two performances (at least one as solo/duet) totaling 3-6 minutes 40%

Higher level – Two or three performances (at least one as solo/duet) totaling 6-9 minutes 40%

If you have any questions about Dance IB then please email Heads of Dance Mrs C Kenworthy cek@wellingtoncollege.org.uk or Mrs C Cooke cgc@wellingtoncollege.org.uk