IB Business and Management (HL and SL)

Course description

Business and Management is a well-rounded, holistic and accessible subject which will add value to anyone taking the IB. Business is a fact of life and, regardless of which career you choose to pursue, business acumen will always stand you in good stead. Business and Management is a dynamic course that examines business decision-making processes and how these decisions impact on, and are affected by, internal and external environments. There are elements of Economics and Psychology throughout the course which help you to develop an understanding of business theory, as well as an ability to apply business principles, practices and skills.

Higher and Standard Level

Business and Management has a core curriculum for Higher Level (HL) and Standard Level (SL) consisting of five topics.

Topic 1: Business organization and environment

Topic 2: Human resources

Topic 3: Accounts and finance

Topic 4: Marketing

Topic 5: Operations management

For those focusing on Higher Level sciences or the arts, SL Business offers a change in perspective and an additional string to your bow outside the traditional subjects that has, for past pupils, proven to be the pivotal reason for getting work placements and places on graduate training schemes. For those who would like to follow a business path later in life, or are uncertain which path to follow, it would make a good HL choice.


Two papers (75%):

Paper 1: Stimulus-based questions based on a pre-released case study

Paper 2: Data response

In addition a research project (25%) must be completed, based on a problem that a real life organisation is facing.


The course requires a wide range of skills including data interpretation and extended writing. Pupils must have attained at least an 7 grade in either GCSE Mathematics or English, and at least a 6 in the other. An interest in current affairs and a constant awareness of the business world are critical to success in this subject. The pace of the course is brisk, so well-organised pupils tend to thrive.

Potential careers

Many pupils go on to study Business at university through courses such as: Business Management, Economics and Management, International Business, Management and Statistics, Management and French, Business and Law, Business and Finance Economics. This is a subject that is well recognised at Higher Level by all universities, subject to your other Higher Level choices. In addition to this, universities look favourably on Standard Level Business and Management for the added dimension to a pupil’s studies that it brings.


For more information contact Mr Simon Roundell sfr@wellingtoncollege.org.uk