A Level Business

Course Outline

The course is divided into 4 Themes over the 2 Academic years and students will develop an understanding of the following content over the Themes:

Year 12

Theme 1: Markets, Consumers & Firms

  • Scarcity, choice & potential conflicts
  • Enterprise, business & the economy
  • Supply & demand
  • The role of credit in the economy
  • Market failure & government intervention
  • Revenue, costs, profits and cash

Theme 2: The Wider Economic Environment

  • Business growth & the competitive environment
  • Firms, consumers & elasticities of demand
  • Productive efficiency
  • Life in a global economy
  • The economic cycle
  • Introduction to macroeconomic policy

Year 13

Theme 3: The Global Economy

  • Globalisation
  • Economic factors in business expansion
  • Impact of globalisation on global firms
  • Impact of globalisation on local and national economies
  • Global labour markets
  • Inequality and distribution

Theme 4: Making Markets Work

  • Competition and market power
  • Market power and market failure
  • Market failure across the economy
  • Macroeconomic policies and impact on firms & individuals
  • Risk & the financial sector


The course requires a genuine interest of the subject matter i.e. a keenness to read widely, be aware of contemporary issues relating to the economy and business. A good level of Maths and English is also required.

Assessment structure

Paper 1: Markets and how they work (35% of the A-level)

Paper 2: Competing in the global economy (35% of the A-level)

Paper 3: The economic environment and business (30% of the A-level)

Contact for further information

Mr Simon Roundell sfr@wellingtoncollege.org.uk

Link to Specification

9781446914410_GCE2015_A_ECOB_WEB spec.PDF (pearson.com)