IB Literature & Performance

Available in Standard Level only

Course description

Literature and Performance combines elements of literary analysis with an exploration of the way they can be represented or transformed through the language of theatre. Students discuss the meaning, form and style of works of fiction but, at the same time, explore their imaginative impact through creative work on a performance stage.

This course would suit

  • Those who enjoy performing or exploring texts practically as well as theoretically
  • Those wishing to acquire interpersonal skills such as teamwork, communication, presenting, leadership, commitment, problem solving skills, the ability to work under pressure and self-confidence that come from performance. These are vital life and work skills that impress employers in later life.

 Literature and performance aims

  1. Equip students with the skills to explore critically and imaginatively a range of literary texts and performance possibilities
  2. Develop in students the ability to articulate their responses to literature and performance in a variety of styles and contexts
  3. Introduce students to a range of performance skills
  4. Broaden the perspectives of students through the exploration of texts from differing cultures, periods and genres
  5. Foster a personal and passionate engagement with literature and performance, and by so doing guide students towards a   better understanding of themselves and the world.

Assessment Tasks

  1. Written coursework (20%)
  • Students study a play, devise, perform and write a piece of coursework which delves into their critical analysis of literary features; how aspects of the text informed their dramatic choices; and evaluation of final performance
  1. Internal Assessment (40%)
  • A devised performance (20%) that comes from the study of poetry or literature
  • An oral presentation (20%)
  1. Literature exam paper (20%)
  • The study of one novel, and exploration of a section being transformed for performance
  1. Poetry exam paper (20%)
  • Exploration of at least two poets, and analysis of how a poem presents its ideas


Essential- A willingness to participate and take risks, you will have to act for an audience and work in a team.

Preferable (but not essential) – Previous experience in performance either academically or through extra-curricular ventures

Contact for further information

Nick Huntington, Director of Drama: nh@wellingtoncollege.org.uk