Welcome to the subject choices site.

The aim of this site is to provide supplementary information for Wellington College pupils and parents to make decisions about the subjects that they would like to pursue throughout the academic study. This is all the more important during a time when we cannot invite parents to talks in the same way as we would like to.

There are two main times when pupils and parents make subject choices. When choosing GCSE subjects for study in the middle school; and when choosing between the A Level and IB diploma and the subjects that pupils will study within those two curricula.

Upper School Subject Choices

The process for making decisions about A Level or IB subjects starts in November of the fifth form.

The Upper School choices has more information on making decisions for the Upper School. The page includes links to the subject choice video and the subject choice booklet. More information on specific subjects can be found in the department pages. This includes a video about each subject. These pages can also be accessed via the menu at the top of this page.

GCSE Subject Choices

The process for making GCSE subject choices starts in March of the third form. This enables pupils to experience the subjects that are offered before making decisions.

The GCSE choices page contains more information and resources. Further subject-specific information can be found in the department pages.