GCSE Greek

Greek is offered in combination with Latin (‘Gratin’). This opportunity for confident and ambitious pupils leads to two qualifications in one column option, and has proved a very popular choice, presenting an exciting academic challenge. The language is actually not as difficult as Latin, once the script and vocabulary have been learned. The Greek exams are taken at the end of the Fifth form, and there is no opportunity to drop out after Latin GCSE in the Fourth form.

Syllabus Link

OCR, Syllabus J292: http://www.ocr.org.uk/qualifications/gcse-classical-greek-j292-from-2016/

Why Study Classical Greek?

Greek is academically challenging and stimulating. It introduces pupils to some of the finest European literature and philosophy. It can be a discriminating factor on a CV, both for university and employment. It gives good linguistic experience for those who wish to explore other languages, such as Oriental languages, at university.

Course Content

Language: 1 exam, 90 mins, 50%

Students will do translation and comprehension on passages of Greek, and some simple English to Greek sentences.

Prose Literature: 1 exam, 60 mins, 25%

Stories from the Greek historian Herodotus

Verse Literature: 1 exam, 60 mins, 25%

An extract from Euripides Bacchae


Pupils will have taken ‘Gratin’ through the Third Form, and will have done well in mid- and end-of-year exams in both languages. Enthusiasm and resilience are useful in seeing through both GCSEs!

Complementary Courses

Everything – as a Classicst one is a ‘master of all trades’!

Contact for further information:

Dr M Johncock mspj@wellingtoncollege.org.uk