Why study music? Clearly the subject makes a major contribution to any balanced programme of subjects up to 6th form and beyond: but music as an academic subject provides a unique set of skills which are acknowledged to be excellent preparation for a range of disciplines, careers and vocations. Music combines arts, humanities, maths, science and sociology. It teaches research skills, and then guides students in the application of evidence to a range of contemporary situations. The University of Cambridge considers it useful preparation for any arts or social sciences degree. There are more trainee medics who have studied music than have studied maths! Music begins with a personal experience – often a pupil’s individual tuition in an instrument – and aims to diversify their interest and experience.

In addition to study of music or music technology in Higher Education, students go on to study a range of arts, humanities or social science subjects as well as economics, and medicine.


the department offers the following courses:

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Mr SA Farrell  (Academic Music) or Mr SRJ Williamson (Director of Music and Arts)