IB Computer Science

Computer Science extends beyond IT literacy and teaches students about the fundamentals of computing systems. This subject would be of most relevance to those seeking to apply for Computer Science or Mathematics/Science/Engineering at university.


There is an overlap between GCSE Computer Science and the IB curriculum. Therefore, there are no pre-requisites for this course. Some experience with Python programming is preferred.

Course Spec

SL Spec: http://bit.ly/IB-SL

HL Spec: http://bit.ly/IB-HL

Computer Science is a Group 4 (science) subject.

Topic overview

Paper 1 common core:

1.1: Systems in organisations

1.2: System design basics

2: Computer Organisation

3: Networks

4: Computational thinking, problem-solving and programming

High Level extension:

5: Abstract Data Structures

6: Resource Management

7: Control Systems

Paper 2 common core (Databases):

A.1 Basic concepts

A.2 The relational database model

A.3 Further aspects of database management

High Level extension:

A.4 Further database models and database analysis

SL+HL: programming project (internal assessment).

HL: In depth analysis of a case-study (paper 3).

Contact for further information

Mrs M Patterson: mcp@wellingtoncollege.org.uk