A Level Chemistry

Course description

Studying Chemistry at Advanced Level will develop the individual’s knowledge and understanding of this central science and provide a pathway to further study. The new AQA specification is designed to be rigorous, as well as stretching and challenging through the knowledge of how science works. All pupils will participate in a wide range of practicals, from making their own Aspirin to extracting the chemical responsible for the smell of an Orange! The key emphasis is on an enjoyable challenge throughout the course, combining topics which stretch even the most able with a healthy dose of traditional investigative Chemistry where pupils learn the skills of working in a lab hands-on. In a time of many qualifications competing for recognition, Chemistry remains one of the most highly regarded A levels by top universities which one can study.


Most students achieve an 8 or 9 in Chemistry at GCSE/IGCSE but as a minimum, pupils must have attained at least an 7 in GCSE/IGCSE Maths to have the necessary skills to deal with the mathematical element to the course. A confident grasp of maths and manipulation of figures is expected and solid IT skills are desirable. The study of Chemistry in particular complements the study of Biology and Physics and is ideally supported by A Level Maths.

Assessment Structure

A level Unit 1: Physical and Inorganic Chemistry (2 hr examination) 35%

A level Unit 2: Physical and Organic Chemistry (2 hr examination) 35%

A level Unit 3: Synoptic paper (2 hr examination) 30%

Potential careers

Chemistry provides an excellent opportunity to understand what goes on in the world around us. It challenges us to understand complex interactions and develops a wide range of skills which are easily applicable to a wide range of careers. It is incredibly well regarded in fields as diverse as Law, Accountancy, and all scientific disciplines. It is essential for some vocational careers such as medicine, dentistry and veterinary science.

Contact for further information

Miss M Cruickshank: MCC@wellingtoncollege.org.uk