A Level Music

Course description

We currently follow the Edexcel A level music course and are teaching the new specification from 2016. This is kept under review to ensure that course content is suitable and stimulating for Wellington students.

All music courses comprise performing, composing and appraising modules, offering the study of a wide range of styles covering vocal and instrumental music, fusion, film music, and popular music/jazz. Encouragement is made to compare across genres and to really understand the context as well as the content of each style.

One of the benefits of academic music is the way in which it links co-curricular activity with serious and transferable study skills. In this way the music department’s team of specialist teachers – including composers – are available to develop skills in our music students.


Pupils will have a keen interest in creating and listening to different styles of music; they will wish to broaden their experience and deepen their understanding of both live and recorded music. Pupils who are interested in all styles of music will appreciate this course as it focuses on classical and popular styles, and the fusion of the two. Pupils should be able to play an instrument to Grade 5/6 level and would look to attain Grade 7/8 standard by the Upper Sixth form. Pupils should be able to read music and must have attained an 7 grade or above in GCSE Music.

Assessment structure

 Performing (30%)8 minute performance
 Composing (30%)2 pieces totally minimum 6 minutes
 Appraising (40%)2 hour exam
 18 set works covering Vocal Music, Instrumental Music, Music for Film, Popular Music and Jazz, ‘New Directions’

Potential careers

The course develops the following skills: communication, planning, knowledge, information technology, problem solving, performance, confidence, working with others and time management. Pupils learn a great deal about music and the music industry. Musicians go on to study at many courses in humanities, social sciences music or performing arts at degree level including at Oxbridge and Conservatoire.

Contact for further information

Mr SA Farrell: saf@wellingtoncollege.org.uk (Head of Academic Music) or Mr SRJ Williamson (Director of Music and Arts)