A Level English Literature

Sixth Form English Options

Course description

This is an exciting and dynamic literature course which introduces pupils to a range of challenging texts from the ‘classics’ such as Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Shakespeare’s Othello to contemporary fiction by authors like Claudia Rankine and Tom Stoppard. Pupils enjoy engaging, lively classroom discussions and exciting reading assignments. The course trains pupils to read critically and encourages the craft of academic writing. It offers new ways of looking at texts and particularly stresses links and comparisons between different works of literature. This is an academic, rigorous course which is an excellent introduction to the serious study of literature.


Pupils must have attained at least an 8 in GCSE English Language or English Literature. The expectation is that pupils who take this course will enjoy reading, will be prepared to read widely and independently and will enjoy writing about literature. Good English A level classrooms are characterized by lively, informed discussion; pupils are therefore expected to contribute confidently and to share ideas.

Assessment structure

  • Drama (examination) 30%
  • Poetry (examination) 30%
  • Prose (examination) 20%
  • Free choice texts comparative essay (coursework) 20%

Potential careers

An A level in English Literature can open doors to a wealth of future careers. The course teaches you to read well, to be critical and to be articulate. Writing well is important for many areas of life, as are good presentation skills. English Literature is, therefore, ideal preparation for careers involving communication and human interaction, including journalism, media, law, business, politics, the civil service and teaching. It is excellent training for an almost infinite range of future employment opportunities.


Contact for further information

Ms Estella Gutulan: eg@wellingtoncollege.org.uk