IGCSE History

IGCSE History focuses on some of the most important global themes and developments of modern history and will appeal to anyone with an interest in the events of the past or in how the world of today came to be. It requires pupils to develop key skills that will be of enormous value for the rest of their lives and, more immediately, skills that are highly prized for IB or A Level and at university. They will learn to write analytically and thematically, interpret documents critically and to debate beliefs and views with others. Pupils will also need the sensitivity necessary to understand people involved in events far removed from our own everyday experience. They need to be aware of different explanations and interpretations and be prepared to challenge them with confidence and independence of thought.

History at IGCSE is the Edexcel course. Pupils will study Germany (1918-45), the Cold War (1943-72), the Vietnam War (1945-75) and Modern China (1900-89). There is no coursework provision and assessment is done through two exams at the end of the 5th Form. The IGCSE is a stimulating course that offers a genuinely global study of our recent past.

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Mr BP Lewsley: bpl@wellingtoncollege.org.uk