GCSE Music

GCSE Music (Edexcel) aims to nurture pupils’ enthusiasm for music whatever their disciplines and background and whatever their skill and ability. Pupils interested in music technology or in composition would find the course rewarding as well as those who specialise in performance. The course consists of four Areas of Study that cover a wide range of music from 1700 to the present day including classical and popular music from around the world. Pupils create two composition based upon topics from the Areas of Study and these assignments can be computer based or notated. The performance element of the course requires the pupil to know how to play an instrument (Grade 3 at least at the beginning of the course) and the pupil should have some knowledge of reading music. The specification can be viewed here.

Music award holders are expected to study academic music in the first three years of the school.

Contact for further information

Mr SA Farrell: saf@wellingtoncollege.org.uk (Head of Academic Music) or Mr SRJ Williamson (Director of Music and Arts)