GCSE Physics

Physics aims to explain the universe, from the very large to the very small. It is considered the most fundamental science and its laws help to explain the world around us. Physicists are hugely valued for their numerical and problem-solving abilities and may be found succeeding in a huge variety of careers.

GCSE Physics introduces and solidifies understanding of a wide range of concepts, such as Forces, Energy, Waves and Electricity. These concepts are taught both theoretically and practically with the course allowing for plenty of “hands-on” learning. Over the course of the two years students will develop their analytical and practical skills significantly.

Course Description

We follow the Edexcel iGCSE Physics syllabus. Additionally, students will be extended beyond the scope of the curriculum where appropriate. Students are assessed in two terminal exams:

  • Paper 1: A 2 hr written paper covering core material
  • Paper 2: A 1hr 15 min written paper covering extension material

Calculators are allowed.

Complementary Courses

Students can study two or three sciences at GCSE. For those wishing to study one of the sciences in Sixth Form a holistic understanding of all three sciences from GCSE in hugely beneficial.

Additionally, Computer Science is highly valued and those considering a career in Engineering would benefit from the extra theory and practical work provided by the Design Engineering course.


Contact for Further Information

Adam Hicks, Head of Physics: adh@wellingtoncollege.org.uk  


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