GCSE Latin

OCR, Syllabus J282       http://www.ocr.org.uk/qualifications/gcse-latin-j282-from-2016/

For pupils wishing to study GCSE Latin at Wellington College, there are two available pathways:

  1. Latin and Greek as one option (‘Gratin’)

The pathway is designed to allow pupils to take GCSE Latin at the end of the Fourth Form and GCSE Greek at the end of the Fifth Form. Latin language will be continued in the Fifth Form. Please note that this pathway is only available to those pupils who have studied Greek and Latin in Third Form.

  1. Latin as a single subject

Pupils would sit the GCSE Latin examinations at the end of the Fifth Form. This pathway is available to any pupil who has studied Latin at any level in the Third Form.

Why Study Latin?

The study of Latin develops critical thinking and logical analysis. It also promotes skills that are universally applicable to further education and employment. An important point to bear in mind is that it is not easy to take up Latin and/or Greek at a later stage. Latin provides an excellent and stimulating subject in its own right but is also a useful companion to other languages and humanities.

Course Content

Language: 1 exam, 90 mins, 50%

Students will do translation and comprehension on passages of Latin, and some simple English to Latin.

Prose Literature: 1 exam, 60 mins, 25%

2022 Tacitus and Pliny; 2023 Apuleius Metamorphoses

Verse Literature: 1 exam, 60 mins,  25%

2022 Virgil Aeneid 2; 2023 Virgil Aeneid 6


Pupils will have taken ‘Gratin’ or Latin through the Third Form, and will have done well in mid- and end-of-year exams. Enthusiasm and resilience are useful!

Complementary Courses

Everything – as a Classicist one is a ‘master of all trades’!

Contact for further information:

Dr M Johncock: mspj@wellingtoncollege.org.uk