A-Level Computer Science

Computer Science extends beyond IT literacy and teaches students about the fundamentals of computing systems. This subject would be of most relevance to those seeking to apply for Computer Science or Mathematics/Science/Engineering at university.


Students wish to take A-Level Computer Science must have achieved at least a grade 6 in GCSE Computer Science (or equivalent) in order to join this course. Experience with programming in Python is preferred.

Course specs

Exam board: AQA

The full specification can be found by following this link:


The course is assessed by 2 exams (theory and hands on) and an exploratory piece of coursework worth 20% of the total grade.

Topic Overview

1.          Fundamentals of programming

2.          Fundamentals of data structures

3.          Fundamentals of algorithms

4.          Theory of computation

5.          Fundamentals of data representation

6.          Fundamentals of computer systems

7.          Fundamentals of computer organisation and architecture

8.          Consequences of uses of computing

9.          Fundamentals of communication and networking

10.        Fundamentals of databases

11.        Big Data

12.        Fundamentals of functional programming

13.        Systematic approach to problem solving

14.        Non-exam assessment – the computing practical project

Assessment weighting

Type of assessment Format of assessment Weighting
Paper 1 – 2 hour 30 on screen Topics 1-13 40%
Paper 2 – 2 hour 30 written Topics 4-13 40%
Non exam assessment Topic 14 20%

Contact for further information

Dr Lays Valim: lrv@wellingtoncollege.org.uk