IB English Literature and Performance (SL)

This course is suitable for pupils who either enjoy dramatic performance or would like to build more confidence in expressing themselves through performance. Those with LAMDA or Drama training do particularly well, but we welcome pupils with no experience of the stage!

The first part of this course concentrates on the study of a range of literary texts (for example: a collection of short stories and/or poems; a novel; a play – which can be Shakespeare). Students develop critical skills and explore viable interpretations both orally and in writing.

The second part of the course explores texts for their performance potential and students are encouraged to generate ideas for the transformation of prose and poetry texts into dramatic form. They will collaborate and perform to an audience as part of their oral assessment and they will analyse and evaluate performance through both speech and writing.


To follow Literature and Performance pupils should have at least a 5 at GCSE/IGCSE (English Language or Literature). You should like reading and writing and be interested in finding out what both you – and great writers – have to say about the ‘big issues’ of life: love, death, the individual and society, culture (including beyond national boundaries), the struggle for personal significance and the power of the imagination. You should be motivated, enthusiastic and willing to participate.

Potential careers

The study of literature is great for developing the critical faculties, encouraging people to think for themselves, and be analytical in their responses to texts. It requires close reading, summary and evaluative skills. It also requires an empathetic approach to human relationships and dilemmas. As such, it is invaluable in any career requiring analytical thought and an ability to communicate clearly and succinctly, both in writing and in person.

Contact for further information

Ms Denise Brown, deb@wellingtoncollege.org.uk